• Handmade dumplings
    Handmade dumplings
    Handmade dumplings
    In dumplings we trust
  • No one offers such dishes. We do.
    No one offers such dishes. We do.
    No one offers such dishes. We do.
    Taste our cheese&spinach dumplings!
  • We know how surprise you
    We know how surprise you
    We know how surprise you
    Taste our fish dumplings with rose beetroot dough
  • Organic ingredients
    Organic ingredients
    Organic ingredients
    Wholesome food from scratch for our customers
Welcome to

Dumplings place OLEN*

Dumplings are one of the most popular dishes of traditional Russian cuisine not only among Russians, but also among foreign tourists from all over the world.

Meat stuffing included different types of meat: pork and beef, lamb, chicken, turkey. Sometimes they added potato, berries or fish to such unusual stuffing. Now in Voronezh there is a place where you can enjoy the unique taste of this traditional cuisine.
Our goal is to create a place where everyone could feel like home. The place where you would like to come again and again with your friends or family. The place which would be comfortable for you no matter if you are vegetarian, meat eater, barber, businessman, computer geek, truck driver, skateboarder, punk, hipster, DJ. Welcome to our bar!

*Olen means Deer in Russian.

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open daily
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what our Deer has for you


Delicious dumplings


Homelike atmosphere



Why our dumplings are so delicious?

Organic ingredients

We use only fresh farm meat and whole wheat flour to prepare our dumplings. We care about you.



We know, how to make dumplings perfect. That is why they are so yummy!


Cooked with love

We are putting our hearts and souls in our job, this is our main secret.

Our menu includes some really unique sorts of dumplings
invented by OLEN's chiefs. You can't find those dumplings in other places.

Looking for a nice place for your party?

We'll be happy to accommodate you!

Клиент хочет провести у нас мероприятие
Dumpling bar OLEN's


  • Dumplings


    200 RUB for --- '200' g

    To experiment and to create something new is often easier than accurately reproduce the recipe proven over the years. That is why we cook your favorite classic dumplings with a special responsibility. Based on our own experience and lots of traditional recipes, we tried different combinations of meat, worked with flavor undertones and found the best option for the "Classic” - pork and marbled beef from local farmers. Thanks to a rather fatty meat parts, it saves the most valuable thing in the dish - the broth inside the dumplings. Blanched cabbage that we add to the mince helps to rich the fine texture of the stuffing. We add it a little that is why you would hardly feel its taste. With the classic dumplings, we suggest you trying a traditional sauce – sour cream. It is not only delicious but also healthy because of probiotics it contains that help to digest the food.



    --- 'Pork, marbled beef '

  • Dumplings


    240 RUB for --- '150' g

    Chicken meat is a product that could be easily over dried and cooked in a boring way. So we have been working hard on finding the way to make the mince tender and interesting, and have found the perfect option that combines these criteria. We use a whole chicken – a drumstick, thigh, breast and even wings – to prepare the mince. Also we add sautéed onions, garlic and cream to the stuffing – so the flavor gets mild and composed. To make interesting not only the stuffing but also the dough – we added turmeric to it. It makes the dumplings bright yellow. People value this popular Indian spice not only for its taste, but for health benefits. Curcumin, which is contained in turmeric and gives it that very bright color, is a powerful antioxidant and a natural antibiotic. It has anti-inflammatory effect, improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system. We recommend you trying chicken dumplings with the Aioli sauce – Italian homemade mayonnaise.



    --- chicken meat ...

  • Dumplings


    240 RUB for --- '200' g

    Our dumplings with lamb have a pure Caucasus accent. In order to make the dumplings tasty we use rather fatty meat parts for mince and add Caucasus traditional mix of spices called khmeli-suneli. It has a bunch of spicy herbs, such as sweet marjoram, basil, mint, red hot pepper, dill and saffron. We end this amazing flavor list with fresh ciliantro. By the way, it has many health benefits, one of which is improving of digestion, that is why you wouldn’t feel bloated after a hearty dinner. We decorated this bright flavors combination with an unusual molding, which we borrowed from Uzbek dumplings called chuchvara. With this dish we suggest you trying tomato sauce – our variation on Satsebeli theme – which makes an accent on the lamb and gives it a pungent flavor. The sauce is full of tomatoes, bell peppers and Abkhazian adjika.



    --- Lamb, Caucasian seasoning, cilantro. ...

  • Dumplings


    250 RUB for --- '200' g

    Fish dumplings for us is a possibility to surprise and experiment with. Depending on the season (yes, the taste of fish depends on the season) we fill the dumplings with sole or salmon and walleye pollock together or separately. We like sole because it is full of important fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. To feel the flavor the full quality of fish mince we add the familiar ingredients to it: dill, fried onion, bunching onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper. You may ask us what is there to be surprised to. For some cultures, including Russian, fish and beetroot are traditional mixture. Knowing about this lovely tandem, we could not ignore it, so the fish stuffing we hid in the beet dough. With the fish dumplings, we suggest you trying sour sour cream & pesto sauce. It will add a spicy note of basil to the traditional combination of flavors.



    --- 'Salmon, walleye pollock, dill, fried onion, bunching onion, lemon juice, salt and pepper. '

  • Dumplings

    Cheese & Spinach

    310 RUB for --- '200' g

    Not without vanity, we could say that this sort became extremely popular from the very first day: every second customer, coming to our place, asked us for green dumplings. They are green because we add the spinach not only in stuffing but in dough also. First, the spinach should be blanched, then it should be put into ice so we naturally fix the color of dough and don’t use any stabilizers. So the spinach doesn’t lose its health benefits. It is rich in fiber, iron and manganese, which are essential elements to keep you fit and to be in a good mood. We cook our interpretation of ravioli with wonderful homemade sulguni cheese, which makes a crazy fresh mix with spinach. To complete the taste of ravioli with Italian origin we recommend you trying sour cream & pesto sauce. There is no better combination than cheese and spinach.



    --- Sulguni cheese, green spinach dough ...

  • Dumplings

    For kids

    240 RUB for --- '200' g

    For our small customers we chose the best option - turkey mince! This poultry meat is not only dietary and easy to digest, but is rather hearty to satisfy hunger even of an adult and certainly of a child.
    All the best we give to children! Following this slogan, we use all types of colored dough: spinach, beetroot, turmeric and, of course, a classic one.
    To meet the interests and eating capabilities of the target customers we made these dumplings small. However, not only children could enjoy the taste of these dumplings – we don’t ask for an ID while buying.



    --- Turkey mince, spinach, beetroot, turmeric and, of course, a classic dough. ...

  • Dumplings


    170 RUB for --- '150' g

    Potato dumplings have everything we like: the classic dough, butter, lots of fried onions and lots of potatoes - what else you need for excellent hearty dinner? By the way, people who take care about their fit mistakenly keep out of potato because of the starch it contains. Potato is a champion among the vegetables on the content of potassium, which plays an important role in water balance control in the body. It is very important not only for diet followers but also for people in general. The value and such a familiar taste we decorate with the traditional molding – the braid. We have been sharpening this technique for a long time so that dumplings could not only be delicious but also look good to the eye. And the result is really delicious and good looking! With this dish we suggest you trying the most simple but tasty and light sauce – sour cream.



    --- mashed potato ...

  • Dumplings


    200 RUB for --- '150' g

    We are confirmed that simplicity is the soul of genius. The proof of it is dumplings with cherries. There are only red-ripe pitted berries, sugar and a thin dumpling dough. To feel yourself full of happiness you should try cherry dumplings for the dessert after eating meat dumplings. No, that’s not too much – just right! In addition to a double dose of pleasure, you will get a lot of use. Cherry is rich in macro- and trace minerals, the perfect combination of which makes an invaluable contribution to health. If you are confirmed that only fresh cherries contain these minerals, we declare that proper freezing of the berries saves all its health qualities. To make the rich flavor of cherries tenderer – just add a sour cream. Bon appetit!



    --- cherry, sugar ...

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